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Ateliers Bulles d’air

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The association “Ateliers Bulles d'Air” has been active since summer 2018. It offers children aged 4 to 12 cultural and creative activities every Wednesday as well as during the Vaud school holidays in the form of permanent workshops.

The premises are in the old rooms of the Montolivet school which has closed. Children have access to a secure environment and a generous play area.

The activities we offer are designed so that children can discover and share, but also be aware of the current world.

They help develop children's imaginations, teach them to express themselves without constraint and arouse their curiosity.


The activities take place outdoors (forest walks, sports, excursions, etc.) or indoors (games, cooking, discovery workshops in the presence of a speaker, etc.).


One of the objectives of Ateliers Bulles d’air is to promote the skills of children so that each of them can grow, play, share, discover and flourish in confidence while acquiring a beginning of autonomy and sense of responsibility.


We offer various workshop formulas:

- Wednesday and Saturday workshops (once a month)

- parent-child workshops one Saturday per month;

- school holidays & day camps;

- “birthday” workshops.

L’un des objectifs des Ateliers Bulles d’air est de valoriser les compétences des enfants pour que chacun d’entre eux puisse s'épanouir, jouer, découvrir, partager en développant un gain de confiance par l'acquisition d'une large autonomie et le sens des responsabilités.
Nous proposons diverses formules :


Ateliers des mercredis et du samedi (1 fois par mois)
Ateliers parents-enfants (1 samedi par mois)
Ateliers “Anniversaire“
Centre aéré lors des vacances scolaires vaudoises